I am an artist and writer in the five-year Combined Degree Program at Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts. At Tufts, I major in Art History and double minor in Film & Media Studies and Cognitive & Brain Science. At SMFA, I focus in performance, emerging media, and research-based work. I consider this to be an engineered course of study on 'The Creative Process' through a cybernetic approach to art history.

I am from the suburbs of Chicago and an active member of the Combined Degree program. I have spoken on behalf of my fellow peers at the Spring Board of Trustees Panel in Spring 2019 and also co-curated alongside Isabella Kiser the first-ever Fall 2018 Combined-Degree Exhibition Show.

Artist statement: 

I am a 'searching' artist interested in the creative process. I consider much of my work to be neo-Fluxus/'residue of the performance.' Mediation, tools of production, modes of communication, cybernetics/cognitive processes, and artistic relationships are recurring themes and motifs throughout my work that build a framework to discuss what it means to make. I often design scores and/or collect artifacts of a performance or my daily life to develop both case and field studies that provide empirical evidence for the viewer to deduce their own conclusion


pseudo-scientific allow the viewer to deduce their own conclusion from my work empirical evidence