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i think it was because rinks are usually connected to other sports complexes

I was on the Tufts/SMFA shuttle

we were approaching that track and field stadium by Alewife Brook

I think my knee was still broken

And I felt that emptiness that I haven’t been able to qualify


That time I tried to draw it

to locate it

































Mouth slightly open

letting in some

but not much


which always leads to confusion/forgetting 

of what led me to this point in the first place

It’s familiar but not typically noticed


What I sought after

I couldn’t find it on that bus ride but

I still have that page


though I can’t find it right now


And many other blank templates 

Because I’ve tried many other times before 

To locate that feeling of loss 

before it swallows me into that Place 

wherever it is





A pen is in my hand

A pen is in my hand

an image from aerial view of dillboy stadium

I sketched out the shape of a body

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